(and applicable photos)

• Organization News & Events
• Fund-raisers • New Officers
• Club Accomplishments
• Scholarships & Contributions
• Recreational Tournament Winners
• Major School Social Functions
& Events– ie: Homecoming,
Prom King & Queen Winners

* Your news will be published in either the Osceola Shopper or Osceola News-Gazette.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Complete but short, answering these questions:
who, what, when, where, why and how.

2. Only use third person form.
(Do not use “we,” “our” or “I,” unless in a quote.)

3. Check spelling of names and organizations. First and last names and titles are needed.

4. The preferred form to submit items is e-mail. We prefer your press release to be a part of the e-mail cover message.

5. Submitted pictures: e-mail preferred, as 8-inches wide, 300 dpi resolution jpeg attachments, or on a CD."

6. Captions should be complete, with people identified from left to right as you look at the picture.

Submit your press releases
with or without photos to
Brian McBride at: